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Soilnar: Intrusion Underground


This page is outdated. It will be updated soon. Soilnar is switching back to use the Danagen Industries codebase. See http://8dromeda.net/blog_2015-02-19.html

This is it!

Mess around within player-created mining sites, factories, trading routes, corporations and battlefields with a disposable character and extendable equipment in a massive-ishly multiplayer environment that runs in your web browser.

Development status

Development is slow and irregular.

There is an alpha server running at play2.soilnar.net. Feel free to mess around! All comments in the in-game chat will be noted.


Twitter: @8Dromeda

Development log: Forum topic

IRC: #8dromeda @ Freenode. This channel is also connected to the game's global chat.

Blog posts:

Intrusion Underground (started 2013-09) is a continuation of Danagen Industries (started 2012-09).